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Data sharing with i-Ready Diagnostics

Diagnostic Assessment Data Connection 

FEV Tutor and Curriculum Associates have collaborated to establish secure & automated data share options for any districts who leverage i-Ready Diagnostics and FEV Tutor within their district ecosystem. FEV Tutor’s Academic Team can analyze preexisting i-Ready Diagnostic data in order to develop a personalized and highly-targeted tutoring plan for each individual student aimed at accelerating learning outcomes. 

Why connect with FEV Tutor? 

Identify Priority Students: i-Ready results are used to identify students who would benefit most from 1:1 tutoring support.

Inform Personalized Tutoring Plans: Personalized tutoring plans are developed using i-Ready Diagnostic Results as the baseline.

Measure Growth Over Time: Seasonal i-Ready Growth data is used to track individual student growth.

Activating i-Ready Data Connection with FEV Tutor

1) Contact the i-Ready Account Manager

Send an email to your i-Ready Account Manager and request to share your District/School i-Ready Diagnostic Data with FEV Tutor for the current and previous academic year.

2) Complete the Customer Consent Form

Your i-Ready Account Manager will provide you with a quick consent form to sign, authorizing the data share with FEV Tutor.

3) Contact FEV Support

Send an email to support@fevtutor.com and to your Academic Success Coach to confirm your i-Ready Data has been shared.

4) Ready to go!

FEV Tutor now has access to all of your i-Ready Diagnostic Data as a baseline for personalized tutoring plans and measuring growth. Data will upload automatically on a daily basis.