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Q: How much does tutoring cost?

FEV Tutor offers 'School, District and Program Site Licenses' which include 'Banks of Tutoring Hours' along with several other wrap-around services (listed below). We can work with any budget and typically budgets like Title I (Federal), Special Education, ELL, Technology or After School Grant funding would fund FEV Tutor.

Tutoring Hours are priced at $25.00/hour/student (volume-based pricing available) and once a budget is defined our Academic Team works with our partners to backward plan instructional strategies that most effectively utilize the hours for optimized academic achievement and student support. Our District and School partners have access to their license for the entire academic year, 24/7, 7 days per week and can blend 1 to 1 Online Tutoring into before, during, after school programs and extend into nights and weekends for around the clock access.

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