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Sharing your Renaissance Data with FEV Tutor

FEV Tutor’s Academic Team can analyze preexisting STAR360 data in order to develop an individualized tutoring plan for each student to help build skills in targeted content areas. The process to share your Renaissance application data with FEV Tutor is just three simple steps:  

Step 1: Enter State IDs in Renaissance 

A critical component of sharing data from one application to another is to ensure students are accurately identified. FEV Tutor uses student identification numbers when analyzing data and creating individualized learning plans. If student ID numbers have not been populated yet, contact Renaissance for support.

Step 2: Deploy the Data Sharing Feature on Renaissance  

Email support@renaissance.com to let them know you are looking to share your Renaissance application data with FEV Tutor. A technical support representative will verify FEV Tutor as an approved vendor and will enable the data-sharing features on Renaissance Home within five business days of receiving your request. 

Step 3: Approve the Data-Sharing Feature on Renaissance  

A district administrator (in Renaissance) will need to log in to Renaissance and enable the data-sharing feature for the first time. 

• From the home page, choose "Data Sharing" from the menu on the right.  

• Ready the security notice.

• Enter your name, title, and email. Then, click "Enable". 

Once the data share is enabled, you will be taken to the Data Sharing Dashboard.

Verify that FEV Tutor is listed on this screen and select the boxes for the data you wish to share.  Select "Save" at the bottom of the page. 

• Once saved, FEV Tutor will be updated, and the data you selected will be automatically shared with the vendor. 

This feature will remain enabled over time, and you will not have to update your selections each year. It is still considered good practice for you to login and verify your selections, but these will not be cleared from year to year.