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Q: What are the checklist items I need to send to FEV Tutor to prep for implementation?

  1. Target Launch Date: Select your target launch date and make sure to communicate this to your Academic Success Coach (ASC) so that we can plan tutor staffing accordingly. FEV Tutor is built to start and ramp-up tutoring quickly and any advanced notice schools can provide is always helpful. 

  2. Student Roster: Send basic student information (names, grade levels, student id’s, contact info) in whatever format is most convenient for you to export from your student information system - preferably excel or CSV if possible. 

  3. Tutoring Schedule: Share your preferred days and times for weekly tutoring. 

  4. Personalized Tutoring Plans: Collaborate with your ASC to identify target skills and standards for students based on benchmark data, core class resources, and any other relevant info. 

  5. Reporting Hierarchy: Names and email addresses for any teachers, administrators, parents or others who would like to receive weekly reports and a login to view student progress.