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Q: What student learning styles do you support?

 Students and tutors meet in a synchronous 2-way virtual classroom interacting through a series of clickable tools and manipulatives designed to collaboratively master lesson objectives. Tools Include: Pencil, Highlighter, Text, Geometric Shapes, Drag-and-Drop, Symbols and more! Students can even personalize their experience by selecting the color, size, and designs of their choice.

Today’s digital world makes typing a requirement to excel in most education and work environments. Virtual tutoring sessions provide students the opportunity to improve their digital-communication skills while simultaneously mastering Math, Reading, or other subject area learning objectives. Our tutors model exemplary digital-communication to set students on the path from typing sentence fragments and acronyms like “idk” to complete sentences and proper grammar. 

Some students are most engaged when they can hear what their tutor has to say. Students can simply plug-in a set of headphones to hear their tutor’s commentary, explanations, and feedback. Audio is provided through Text-to-Speech technology, which allows for tutor and student to stay on track academically during the session and avoid bandwidth related technology challenges. Feel free to mute the volume or turn it up depending on the student’s preference. Just like all other learning style options, the choice is entirely up to the student! 

Verbal learners benefit most from interpersonal interaction and talking out loud. As long as the physical surroundings allow for it and there is a headset or microphone available, students have the option to speak back to their tutors. To select this option, students can simply activate the microphone on their web browser! 

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