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Q: Do you support ELL/ESL students?

Our professional tutors are experienced working with English Language Learners (ELL). We have collaborated with lead instructors and ELL Departments to deliver personalized tutoring support to ELL students in districts across the country, Texas, California, Oklahoma, Georgia, and more.

For English Language Learners, our tutors work with students on targeted lessons based on leveled English ability. FEV Tutor will collect available data on an ELL student’s competency level, and incorporate competency levels when developing a student’s Personalized Tutoring Plan and the lessons to be covered with the student.

Our developers also incorporated Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology and a real-time Language Translation tool on our virtual platform, enabling ELL and any other student to engage audibly with tutoring curriculum in all subject areas assisting with English reading comprehension. FEV Tutor offers a LIVE service, ELL students will be working with their own professional tutor through scaffolded lessons (Gradual Release of Responsibility Model) to solve problems independently, while the tutor is there to coach the student every step of the way.