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Q: How can I share my work with a tutor if I need help with a specific assignment?

There are a few ways that students can share their schoolwork with their tutors.

  1. Upload a file: students can click the “upload file” button when scheduling a tutoring session in order to attach documents that the student needs help with. 

  2. Screen Share: Students can share their screen with their tutors. This is a live feature that allows the tutor to see their student’s computer screen, which may contain additional information that can help the tutor support the student better. 

  3. Email our support team: Send a quick email to our support team with the information you would like to share with your tutor. They can send it over to the correct tutor for you prior to the scheduled tutoring time. 

When a student needs to share their work or assignments with a tutor, it is recommended to do so ahead of time. Giving tutors time to review the necessary information will help them to provide the best possible support that they can.