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Q. Does FEV Tutor’s live 1-to-1 instruction align with my state standards?

Through strategic partnership with the k-12 Education industry leader in learning standard alignment, Certica Solutions - Academic Benchmarks, FEV Tutor’s targeted tutoring instruction aligns directly with your state standards.

All of our Instructional Content is developed by current and former educators following the ‘I Do, We Do, You Do’ explicit gradual-release-of responsibility (GRR) research-based instructional model. Lessons are planned backward from standards-aligned Exit Tickets with assessment items from Certica's Navigate Item Bank that contain the same level of rigor and question type variety that students will see on their state assessments. Interoperability between states is made possible through Certica’s repository of learning standard metadata and FEV Tutor’s extensive experience driving achievement gains on state standardized assessments.